Dipping Into Your Savings to Pay Debts

Are you in trouble with debt right now, but you have a decent amount of savings You might be tempted to just raid your savings account without really thinking things through. Since it’s a question that we get asked a lot, we wanted to go ahead and just weigh in. You see, it’s all about making sure that you’re going to be able to take care of yourself the right way. If you have high interest debts, then we would suggest paying them off using your savings. It’s an instant boost to your cash flow, because you aren’t going to […]

Teaching Children about Finance: The Basics

Knowing when and how to teach your children about finance can be tough. Sitting them down can prove ineffective as they’ll immediately associate it with school and indeed boredom. This is why as a parent you need to make financial education fun and (if possible) interactive. Throughout this article we are going to discuss various ways in which you can teach your child about finance and at what age you should start teaching them. Building the foundations Even as early as five years old, you can start teaching your child about the basics of financial management. Naturally it’s going to […]

You won’t get broke this time – Reclaim a mis-sold PPI policy

You should not be worried this time about being broke. PPI claims have been successful among potentially hundreds of thousands of credit consumers. They were all able to adjust their financial standings and still could afford a bit of luxury here and there because they proved that their banks have wrongly signed them up to Payment Protection Insurance. While the policy was designed to help them keep up with their repayments in times of accident, sickness, death, and unemployment, the ways it was sold to credit consumers were awful. And you could be one of those that fell victim to […]

Debt Settlement can be your umbrella for this rainy day

As with most things in life, when debt comes knocking at your doorstep, it isn’t there without its share of baggage. Debt settlement is being used more than ever by people like you to help shelter them from the negative consequences brought about by debt. By now you’ve likely already come to realize what a difficult time debt can give you. If you’re not feeling yourself burdened by the bills and the complications, you have a debt collector in your ear trying to pry money from your hands. We understand what you’re going through and, more importantly, we know how […]

Paying For Debt Management Services Without Falling into More Debt

Debt is something that needs to be reduced and finally eliminated. Only when you’re finally experiencing debt freedom that you’ll see just how little stress you really have in your life. You see, when money is tight your stress level is cranked up. Stress is something that really wears down your health quickly. This means that you have to always be on the lookout for ways to get out of debt and start feeling better. When you’re stressed, chances are good that the entire family is stressed out. They want to find some change, but they just can’t seem to […]

Extra PPI Money Drains Stress Out of Your Life!

Stress is something that really does affect each and every one of us. Just when we thought that things would be perfectly okay, we found that stress is creeping in, threatening to derail our personal life in ways that we didn’t expect. Finances are a place where stress can really hurt us. It always feels like there’s just not enough money to really do anything that you honestly want to do. That can be pretty frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world at all. You can definitely get back on your feet with a little […]

Go With a Short Term Loan When You Feel Trapped

When it comes to the personal finance world, the last thing that we really want to feel is trapped. We want to believe that everything is just fine in our little world — nothing to see here folks, just another day. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen that way in real life all the time. There are going to be items where you feel trapped, where you need help and when you just don’t know what else you’re going to actually do. Everyone reaches this point in their lives, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s really more of a matter of knowing exactly […]